Guda Cheese

Tushetian Guda cheese is of 3 types (sheep’s milk, cow’s milk and sheep’s-cow’s milk mix (50/50)). The genuine Guda cheese is made from quality whole fresh milk. The cheese’s originality is conditioned primarily by quality milk yielded from the Georgian breeds of sheep and cow grazing in alpine grasslands – Tushuri sheep and Tushuri cow. The cheese is ripened in a guda - a sack made from sheep or veal skin, where the shortly cut hair is turned inside out.

 The originality and quality of Tushetian Guda cheese do not result only from the traditional cheese-making technology and quality natural raw material. A special place in this process is occupied by the environmental conditions and the geographic area. Tusheti is the place where the Guda cheese-making has a centuries-old history and the Guda cheese-making century-tested technology has become a part of local culture and one of the main activities of the local population.

 Tusheti is located in the northern part of the Eastern Georgia, over the major watershed of the Greater Caucasus, at an altitude of 1650-4493 m.a.s.l. To the north Tusheti is bordered with a system of high mountains of the Greater Caucasus, which greatly influences the microclimate of Tusheti depression. It is being manifested by an averagely warm alpine climate and precipitation. It is the very climate that determines diversity, wealth and fertility of the territory’s flora and herbage.

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